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WISEEvent sponsored by BERGOZ
Date: Wednesday 13, May 2020
Time: 18:30 – 20:00
Location: Hall 3 _ SMr
Price: Included in Registration fees

IPAC20’s WISE (Woman In Science and Engineering) session will be held to discuss the equal opportunity situation in our community, especially in the key engineering part of the accelerator field.

"We are proud to sponsor WISE! Bergoz Instrumentation is the worldwide leader in current transformers for high precision in beam current measurement. The particle accelerator sector is mainly resourced with men, that is a fact. However, our customers and users in the beam instrumentation field are often women. Our collaborative work is full of technical passion, but also challenging since their requirements for more precise measurement are higher and higher. That leads us to the best, continuously! So, YES, we are proud to encourage women to come to Science and make it grow!"

Etienne Touzain,
CEO of Bergoz Instrumentation