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©Prochasson Frederic |

11th international particle
Accelerator conference

MAY 10 > 15, 2020 | Hosted by GANIL | Caen, France

PHOTO: ©Prochasson Frederic |


Dear Delegates,

The Covid-19 disease is spreading worldwide and it has developed a major impact also on the planned 2020 IPAC conference in Caen, France. Due to travel restrictions at major labs, a ban of large conferences in France and last but not least the significant health risk for participating colleagues the IPAC’20 conference cannot be held in May 2020 in Caen and unfortunately needs to be cancelled. This unavoidable decision was discussed and approved with the International Organizing Committee, the Local Organization Committee and the French hosting institutes of IPAC’20.

It is now time that you cancel ALL bookings related to the conference. We remind you about the 45 days deadline for cancellation in many IPAC20 hotels. We are evaluating the reimbursement modalities of registration and exhibition fees. Given the unprecedented circumstances and complicated contractual issues we ask for your patience. We will contact you as soon as possible with more details on this.

Given the advanced state of preparation for the IPAC’20 program we are considering the possibility to present the oral program of IPAC’20 and the IPAC’20 prize ceremony in a still to be defined limited virtual format. We will announce further details on this and other possible backup measures as soon as possible.

We understand that several questions remain unanswered at this stage when we are struggling to cancel an IPAC in very unusual circumstances, working hard to minimize financial impact for everybody. We apologize that at this time we cannot answer the large number of individual emails that we are receiving. Thank you in advance for your patience. We will contact you as soon as possible with more details on fees, virtual presentations and other topics.

We thank all delegates, exhibitors, speakers, students and JACoW editors for their strong interest and support for the IPAC’20 in Caen, France. We have seen record-breaking numbers of abstract submissions. Merci to all of you. We very much regret this unavoidable decision and remain fully convinced that our field of particle accelerators and the IPAC conference series will emerge as strong as before from the present crisis.

We send you our best regards from France, Switzerland and Germany, please stay healthy,

Mike Seidel, PSI, OC Chairman
Ralph Assmann, DESY, SPC Chairman
Frederic Chautard, GANIL, LOC Chairman

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Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche
Soleil Synchrotron