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©Prochasson Frederic |

11th international particle
Accelerator conference

MAY 10 > 15, 2020 | Hosted by GANIL | Caen, France

PHOTO: ©Prochasson Frederic |



Dear colleagues in the world-wide accelerator field,
Did Corona also affect your work and do you miss the exchange with your colleagues from other institutes? Are you curious about the progress in accelerator R&D, technology, projects and operation since IPAC’19? Are you interested what our labs are doing in the present crisis, like continuing the invention of new technologies, helping to advance human knowledge, some delivering beam for Corona virus studies, others setting role models of global collaboration? Do you want to learn about the accelerator prize winners of 2020? Do you want to chat with some colleagues?
Then please join the remote edition of IPAC’20!
The team in France, strongly supported by GANIL, worked very hard to find the best solution for a remote edition of the IPAC conference. We are pleased to inform you that the virtual IPAC20 conference is maintaining a fascinating program with versatile reports from our world-wide accelerator field. It is now open for registration (free of charge) at
People who have already registered, do no need to register again (registration fees will be fully reimbursed, another email will be sent regarding this point).
The virtual IPAC20 conference will take place from the 11 to 14 May, 2020 in this website.
Please refer to to learn about the new scientific program and the format of this virtual IPAC’20. Sessions will open each day at 9h00 UTC+2 and 14h00 UTC+2 (French time zone). The program includes an opening and a closing session plus the prize award session in live format.
We cordially invite all of you to participate in the virtual conference. In case you are interested, please do not forget to register for free at
The registration process is the same as a normal conference. The conference will be only accessible to registered delegates, you need to be connected to see the conference. Afterwards, the videos will be available 2 weeks. Proceedings of the presentations will be available as usually with some delay.
We send you our best regards from France, Switzerland and Germany, please stay healthy,
Mike Seidel, PSI, OC Chairman
Ralph Assmann, DESY, SPC Chairman
Frederic Chautard, GANIL, LOC Chairman
Adeline Jeanne, GANIL, Scientific Secretary

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Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche
Soleil Synchrotron