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Synchrotron ESRF

The ESRF [Grenoble, France] is a European facility supported and shared by 22 partner nations. This third-generation light source, in routine operation since 1994, delivers 5500 hours of beam per year to 42 beamlines with an availability close to 99 %. The accelerator complex consists of a 200 MeV linac, a 4 Hz full energy Booster synchrotron and a 6 GeV Storage Ring (SR) of 844 m circumference.A large variety of insertion devices (in-air undulators, wigglers, in-vacuum undulators, cryogenic in-vacuum undulators) are installed in the 28 available straight sections. Bending magnet radiation is used by 12 beamlines.

Since 2009, the ESRF has embarked on an ambitious Upgrade Programme of the machine and beamline infra-structures. The second phase (2015-2022), called Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS), consist in the implementation of a new storage ring based on a hybrid 7-bend achromat (HMBA), replacing the existing 32 cell Double Bend Achromat lattice which provided 4 nm.rad horizontal emittance electron beam.. Reducing the horizontal emittance to less than 140 pm.rad will allow a drastic increase in brilliance and coherence. A long shutdown started in December 2018 with the dismantling of the old SR and the installation of the new girders and instrumentation. The beam commissioning will start in December 2019. The facility should resume user operation in August 2020.

ESRF Lab Tour

Saturday 16, May 2020
From 8:30 to 12:30

The 4 hours morning tour will include a plenary presentation (30 mn), a coffe break (30 mn) the visit of the new storage ring (30 mn), the visit of the injector (30 mn) , the visit of the technical zone (30 mn) and the visit of a beamline (30 mn). On request, dedicated visits or seminars could be organized in the afternoon.

The visitor is in charge of booking his flight from Caen to Lyon (Air France 14:10, 250 euros) and the accommodation in Grenoble. The ESRF will provide the bus from Lyon to Grenoble.

REGISTRATION to the visit should be done on the general registration form. For more information please contact :

Practical and security information

Minimum age 15 years old.
The tour is not open to people equipped with active implants (pacemaker, insulin pump, neurostimulator for epileptic seizures …), due to the presence of strong magnetic fields in the installations.We advise you to wear closed toe shoes with a low heel for the tour.
Some areas are difficult to reach for people with reduced mobility, but we will try to adapt the visit accordingly. Please, do not forget to mention this during your registration.