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Invited talks

Opening Plenary

Accelerator R&D as Driver for Science – Sarah Cousineau (ORNL)
Accelerator-Based Particle Physics – TAB
New Horizons in Nuclear Science: GANIL and Beyond – Navin Alahari (GANIL)
Permanent Magnets for Accelerators – Ben Shepherd (STFC/DL/ASTEC)
My View on the 5 Most Beautiful (and Useful) Formulae in Accelerator Physics – Kaoru Yokoya (KEK)

MC1: Circular and Linear Colliders

The Future Circular Collider Study – Evgeny Levichev (BINP)
Designs of Electron Ion Colliders – Ferdinand Willeke (BNL)
Highlights from SuperKEKB Beam Commissioning – Kyo Shibata (KEK)

MC2: Photon Sources and Electron Accelerators

Sirius Commissioning Results – Liu Lin (LNLS)
Review of Attosecond Free Electron Lasers – Siqi Li (SLAC)
Beam Commissioning Results at the Extremely Brilliant Source Project – Pantaleo Raimondi (ESRF)
Full Energy Injection from the SACLA into the Spring-8 Storage Ring – Hirokazu Maesaka (RIKEN Spring8)

MC3: Novel Particle Sources and Acceleration Techniques

CBETA Beam Results: The First Multi-Turn SRF ERL – Kirsten Deitrick (CLASSE)
Overview of Low Energy Spread Laser Pronton Accelerators – Xueling Yan (PKU)
Energy Spread Control in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators – Richard D’Arcy (DESY)
Review of Required Proof-Of-Principle-Experiments Towards a Muon Collider – Alessandro Variola (INFN)

MC4: Hadron Accelerators

High Intensity Negative Hydrogen Ion Sources – Hidetomo Oguri (JPARC)
Status of the Construction and Commissioning of ESS – Mohammad Eshraqi (ESS)
Status of the Raon Heavy Ion Accelerator Project – Myeun Kwon (RAON)

MC5: Beam Dynamics and EM Fields

Simultaneous Top-Up Injection into four Storage Rings at SuperKEKB – Masanori Satoh (KEK)
Use of Reverse Bending Magnets in MBA Lattices – Andreas Streun (PSI)
First Results of the IOTA Ring Research at Fermilab – Alexander Valishev (Fermilab)
Longitudinal Injection Using Multi-Frequency RF System – Gang XU (IHEP)
Mitigation of Microbunching Instability for Improved FEL Spectral Brightness – Simone Di Mitri (Elettra)

MC6: Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback and Operational Aspects

Terahertz Oscilloscope for Ultrashort Electron Beams Diagnostics – Lingrong Zhao (LLP)
Machine Learning Techniques for Optics Measurements and Corrections – Elena Fol (CERN)
Challenges in the User Facility Reliability Landscape – Georges Dodson (ORNL)

MC7: Accelerator Technology

SIS100 Dipoles from Design to Testing of Series Magnets – Anna Szwangruber (GSI)
Global Production of SRF Systems – Pei Zhang (IHEP)
Review of Low and High Temperature Superconducting Undulators – Diego Arbelaez (LBNL)
Introduction to 3D Printing Techniques for Accelerator Vacuum Systems – Taekyun Ha (PAL)

MC8: Applications of Accelerators, Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations

FLASH Radiation Therapy: Accelerator Aspects – Annalisa Patriarca (Curie Institute)
Accelerators for Applications in Energy and Nuclear Waste Transmutation – Adrian Fabich (SCK-CEN)

Closing Plenary

How Accelerator Physics Nurtures Collaboration in the Middle East – Yasser Khalil (SESAME)
Laser-Driven GeV Electron Acceleration and Exploration of Nonlinear Compton Scattering with PW Lasers – Chang Hee Nam (IBS)
Developments in Photon Science – Accelerators and Competitive Technologies – Jerry Hastings (SLAC)